Our Recruitment SpecialtiesTechnology, Cloud and Cyber


Technoloy, Cloud and Cyber, these roles working together, form the technological backbone of the organization. Enabling it to stay competitive, secure, and innovative in the digital age.

In summary, each vertical plays a unique and crucial role within an organization. When these roles are filled with top talent and work in harmony, they enable a business to operate efficiently. Remaining innovative, stay compliant, and ultimately succeed in its objectives. We understands this interplay of Technology, Cloud and Cyber. OutsideCapital is dedicated to helping you build a team that drives your business forward.

OutsideCapital understands the importance of technology, cloud, and cyber security in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. We have a dedicated team of consultants who specialise in sourcing and placing top talent in these fields across various industries and sectors.

Whether you are looking for a software developer, a cloud architect, a cyber security analyst, or any other role related to technology, cloud, and cyber, we can help you find the best fit for your organisation. We have access to a large network of qualified and experienced candidates who are ready to take on the new challenge. We also provide expert advice and guidance on market trends, salary benchmarks, and career development.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so does the importance of technology, cloud and cyber roles within an organization. We recognize this and recruit for a wide range of roles that drive innovation, ensure security, and efficient operations, including:

Mobile Technology Specialists
Telecommunications Experts
Hardware Engineers
Software Developers
Cloud Specialists
Network Administrators
Security Analysts
Data Scientists
Applications Developers
AI and IT Management Specialists
Cyber and IT Security Experts

Our goal is to help you achieve your business objectives by connecting you with the right people for the right roles.
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