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About OutsideCapital - Legal Compliance, Recruitment Agency
Employment law
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We use our industry knowledge on legal compliance, market intelligence and data-driven tools to match candidates with the right skills, experience and fit for your organization. We also provide you with ongoing support, guidance and feedback throughout the recruitment process.

Whether you need to fill a permanent, temporary or contract role, we can help you find the best legal and compliance talent for your business. Contact us today to discuss your legal and compliance recruitment needs.

Legal compliance is crucial in an increasingly regulated business environment. Legal compliance roles are crucial in navigating legal complexities and maintaining a company’s reputation.

OutsideCapital are experts in legal, risk, compliance, governance & company secretarial recruitment, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality talent solutions to a variety of industries. We understand the complex & dynamic nature of the compliance landscape & the challenges & opportunities it presents for both employers & candidates.
We specialize in recruiting for a range of legal roles, such as:

Executive/ Head of legal
Legal Advisory/Counsel
Company Secretary
Regulatory Affairs
Legal Project Manager

These roles work in synergy to ensure the organization operates within the boundaries of law, mitigates legal risks, and upholds its ethical standards.

We have access to a large and diverse pool of professionals, from junior to executive levels, across various disciplines, such as:

Banking and finance law
Corporate and commercial law
Tax law
Intellectual property law
Data protection law
Anti-money laundering law