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Seeing the Potential in Every Person

OutsideCapital Recruitment is level BBBEE2 executive search and recruitment advisor. OutsideCapital Recruitment specialises in building South Africa’s foremost accounting firms, management consulting houses, banks, insurance companies, and listed organisations.

We do this by getting to the bottom of each client’s organisation, garnering a deep understanding of not only their diverse business goals and expectations; but also the people, culture and ethos at the heart of it all.

At OutsideCapital Recruitment we stop at nothing to ensure our clients employ the very best candidates for each position. More often than not, this means headhunting those sought-after candidates who aren’t in the market and convincing them otherwise.

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OutsideCapital believes that a company’s most valuable asset is its people, which is why we’re dedicated to bringing the very best from the outside, in.

Our world-class service gives you access to specialist consultants who are positioned within various sectors and are trained to correctly interpret and flawlessly match client to candidate.


Our Recruitment Specialties

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The financial health of an organization is the backbone of its operations. We specialize in roles that encompass a wide range of financial and accounting disciplines, each contributing to the overall financial stability and growth of the company.
OutsideCapital Recruitment, OutsideCapital - Human Capital, Recruitment Agency, About Us
People are the heart of any organization. We understand the critical role that human resources play in any organization, from talent acquisition and retention to employee engagement and development.
About OutsideCapital - Legal Compliance, Recruitment Agency
In an increasingly regulated business environment, legal and compliance roles are crucial in navigating legal complexities and maintaining a company’s reputation.
At OutsideCapital, we understand the importance of technology, cloud, and cyber security in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. We have a dedicated team of consultants who specialise in sourcing and placing top talent in these fields across various industries and sectors.
OutsideCapital’s combined market knowledge, finely tuned judgement and innovative sourcing techniques make us market leaders in maximizing each client’s internal intellectual capital.
OutsideCapital is a leading recruitment firm that specialises in international placements within Professional Services within Audit, Assurance, Corporate Finance, Advisory, Consulting and Tax professionals.

Key Values

OutsideCapital believes that a company’s most valuable asset is its people.
OutsideCapital is dedicated to bringing the very best human capital from the outside, in.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is made up of only the best and most experienced recruiters and associates.

They’re expertly trained to deliver effective recruitment solutions and foster successful client/candidate relationships that build on the bottom line. And, with our global state-of-the-art CRM system, the entire process is effortless from start to finish.

OutsideCapital - Jayson Theron - Managing Director

Managing Director Jayson Theron

OutsideCapital - Braam Rakoma - Director

DirectorBraam Rakoma

OutsideCapital - Anthea Petersen - Chief People Officer

Chief People OfficerAnthea Petersen

OutsideCapital - Colleen Turner - Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant Colleen Turner

OutsideCapital - Stefan Hugo - Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant Stefan Hugo

OutsideCapital - Tarryn Gander -Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant Tarryn Gander

OutsideCapital - Philip Williams - Consultant

Consultant Philip Williams

OutsideCapital - Andrew Hochfelden - Consultant

Consultant Andrew Hochfelden

OutsideCapital - Dominique Bennett - International Talent Manager

International Talent Manager Dominique Bennett

OutsideCapital - Geiroeneesa Bailey-Hoosain - Senior Delivery Consultant

Senior Delivery Consultant Geiroeneesa Bailey-Hoosain

OutsideCapital - Melissa Robinson - Delivery Consultant

Delivery Consultant Melissa Robinson

OutsideCapital - Alex Homes - Delivery Consultant

Delivery Consultant Alexandra Holmes

OutsideCapital - Lexi Reid - Delivery Consultant

Delivery Consultant Lexi Reid

OutsideCapital - Kgaogelo Mabina - Delivery Consultant

Delivery Consultant Kgaogelo Mabina


International Talent Manager Alicia van Zyl


ConsultantChané Tessner