Outside Capital

OutsideCapital believes that a company’s most valuable asset is its people, which is why we’re dedicated to bringing the very best from the outside, in.

Our world-class service gives you access to specialist consultants who are positioned within various sectors and are trained to correctly interpret and flawlessly match client to candidate.

All About OutsideCapital

OutsideCapital is level BBBEE2 executive search and recruitment advisor that specialises in building South Africa’s foremost accounting firms, management consulting houses, banks, insurance companies, corporates and listed organisations.

We do this by getting to the bottom of each client’s organisation, garnering a deep understanding of not only their diverse business goals and expectations; but also the people, culture and ethos at the heart of it all.

We stop at nothing to ensure our clients employ the very best candidates for each position. More often than not, this means head hunting those sought-after candidates who aren’t in the market and convincing them otherwise.

Intergrity, professionalism and excellence is at the root of what we do.

OutsideCapital’s combined market knowledge, finely tuned judgement and innovative sourcing techniques make us market leaders in maximizing each client’s internal intellectual capital.

Our Team is made up of only the best and most experienced recruiters and associates. They’re expertly trained to deliver effective solutions and foster successful client/candidate relationships that build on the bottom line. And, with our global state-of-the-art CRM system, the entire process is effortless from start to finish.

Our Sectors

Our sector specialties include:

• Power and Utilities
• Public Sector and Government
• Health
• Consumer Products and Retail
• Technology, Media and Telecommunications
• Automotive

Our Disciplines (Finance)

Our bespoke disciplines within the broader finance field include:

• Audit and Accounting
• Finance (all areas)
• Corporate Finance and Private Equity
• Internal Audit
• Risk Management
• Forensic Audit and Consulting
• Taxation Management and Consulting
• Management Consulting
• Operations
• Supply Chain
• Credit Management

Our Disciplines (IT)

Our bespoke disciplines within the broader IT field include:

• Cyber/Security
• Data Analytics
• IT Audit
• Data Scientist
• Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
• Developers (various technologies)
• Risk and Governance IT
• Business Analysts
• Project Management

OutsideCapital has an office in Johannesburg (SA), Cape Town (SA) and London (UK) as well as associates based in Africa and the UAE. This means we’re guaranteed to deliver best practice and even better value to both clients and candidates across our wide network.

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